Hello everyone, today I will be sharing CSS tools that you can use to create beautiful styles.

1. Layoutit Grid

Layoutit grid is a CSS Grid layout generator. Quickly draw down web pages layouts with our clean editor, and get HTML and CSS code to quickstart your next project. Also you can see the code on CodePen!

Hello friends, thanks for reading my 50 Free Websites For Learning How to Code post yesterday, if you didn’t see it, you can check it out here.

Today, I have decided to write about Free Illustration websites. I hope you will find it useful, if you know other resources, please let me know in the comments.

Okay, let’s start 👍🏻

This is an amazing website that you can even change the colors of the illustrations. You should check it out.

  1. Undraw
1. [Undraw](https://undraw.co/)
1. [Undraw](https://undraw.co/)

2. Humaaans

Mix-&-match illustrations of people with a design library. …

I have been going through my bookmark list yesterday and decided to make a list of my bookmarks. I will share websites you can visit while learning to code in this blog post.

Here, you can access any information that you are looking for. It is like a documentation page and it provides a quick and short guide for whatever you are looking for.

2. Learn X in Y minutes

This website is also similar to devdocs.

3. Learn with Jason

Learn with Jason is live, hands-on learning with brilliant teachers from the web community every Tuesday & Thursday. Jason…


Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for some of the resources mentioned in this article. If you buy a product through my links on this page, I may get a small commission for referring you. Thanks!

Learning Node.js can take time especially with the increasing number of packages. So, I decided to put together free and online resources to help you learn Node.js.


  1. Node.js Design Patterns

In this book, you will learn how to implement a series of best practices and design patterns to help you create efficient and robust Node.js applications with ease.

The book kicks off by exploring the basics…

Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

In this tutorial, we will create a React Weather App and use React’s latest hooks. At the end of this tutorial, you will have knowledge about React’s most common hooks and how to create a custom hook.
You can see the application that we will create in this tutorial.

You can find the source code here.

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